Programs and Services

Food Services

Provides food, infant formula (more info)

Community Meals Program

Provides complete weekday and holiday lunches and dinners, cooked and served by volunteers (more info)

Dry Goods Department

Provides clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items and housewares (more info)

Financial Assistance Program

Emergency assistance can be provided when funds are available (more info)

Support and Referrals

  • There are times when a Person does not know what to do about a problem and needs to talk about it
  • Provides a private consultation with a staff member
  • Includes referrals to community agencies and resources
  • Health Care
  • Social Services

To Make an Appointment

The Cluster Outreach Center schedules morning appointments for groceries and Dry Goods Tuesday through Friday every week.

Appointments are made one week at a time by phone only. If you want to schedule an appointment please call on Monday mornings starting at 9:00am.

We will not take appointments or messages for appointments before 9:00am.

When all appointments are scheduled for the week we will return your call only if we have a cancellation. If you do not receive a call please call the following Monday at 9 am.

If we are closed on a Monday we will take calls for appointments the Friday before starting at 9:00am.
Call 610-970-5995 x3

The Walk-In

The Walk-In is our name for an area containing extra food that we make available to you without an appointment. The food availability is determined by the donations we receive.

The Walk-In is open Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:30pm or when there is no longer a line.
At any time the shelf may be closed without notice.

Please bring bags to carry home the food from the Walk-In.

How Can I Contact The Caseworker?

It is best to call and make an appointment.
(610) 970-5995. Walk-ins are also welcome.

The PCRC is an Equal Opportunity provider.

Cómo hacer una cita

El Cluster de Pottstown lema communites religiosa es "Vidas nutritiva, Strengthtning familiares.
Cómo hacer una cita

El Cluster Outreach Center horarios de citas de la mañana para abarrotes y mercancías secas de martes a viernes de cada semana.

Los nombramientos se realizan una semana a la vez por teléfono solamente. Si desea concertar una cita, por favor llame al lunes por la mañana a partir de las 9 soy. No vamos a tener citas o mensajes para citas antes de las 9 am.

Cuando todas las citas están programadas para la semana que le devolverá la llamada sólo si tenemos una cancelación. Si usted no recibe una llamada por favor llame al lunes siguiente a las 9 am.

Si se cierran los lunes tomaremos las llamadas para el Viernes citas antes de comenzar a las 9 am.
Llame al 610-970-5995 x3

The Walk-In

The Walk-In es nuestro nombre para un área que contiene la comida extra que ponemos a disposición de usted sin una cita. La disponibilidad de alimentos es determinado por las donaciones que reciben.

The Walk-In abre los lunes, miércoles y viernes de 9-12.
En cualquier momento el estante puede ser cerrada sin previo aviso.

Por favor traiga bolsas para llevar a casa la comida del Walk-In.

El PCRC es un proveedor de igualdad de oportunidades.

Lo mejor es llamar y hacer una cita.
(610) 970-5995. Walk-ins son bienvenidos.