Who We Serve

The PCRC primarily serves the residents of Pottstown, but will help those in the Pottstown vicinity for emergency basic needs and those living in other parts of Montgomery County for Housing Resource Center services. 37% of our clients are children under the age of 18, 55% are adults and 8% are older adults age 65 and older.

Percentage of those we serve

Household that exited to permanent housing

Volunteer hours for 2016

Facts About Our Services in 2016

  • Our food pantry program served 12,593 individuals with grocery orders which represents 5,211 households served in 2016.
  • We provided 531,136 pounds of food to those served in the pantry, with an average value of $140.00 of groceries per household each month.
  • 294 households came to our center for services for the first time.
  • We provided clothing, household and personal care products to 4,512 households.
  • Our community meals program served 15,043 individual meals to members of this community.
  • We provided home heating oil and case management services to 158 households.
  • Eight series of workshops for the UP3 program have been held, with 52 graduates. Staff continue to work with approximately 50% of the graduates on individual goals to their defined stability plan.
  • Beyond our staff of 11 full-time and 8 part-time employees, volunteers provided 16,517 hours of volunteer time supporting all our programs. This represents 43% of the total hours of services provided in 2016 and a savings in staffing expenses of $345,517.00.
  • Our chaplains ministered to 352 individuals and offered spiritual support and guidance.