Cluster CARE Recurring Giving

Cluster CARE Recurring Giving

It’s about making a difference, all year long.

DID YOU KNOW you can belong to a special group of supporters who believe so deeply in our mission that they have decided to become monthly recurring donors? When you join Cluster CARE and commit to a monthly recurring contribution online, you are doing more than providing financial support. You are providing consistent and recurring support that will make an impact every month, strengthen our organization, and ensure our work continues.

Joining the Cluster CARE community is about making a difference all year long, conveniently. As a member, you will enjoy hassle-free, environmentally friendly, and automatic donations that are spread out over time. These donations are financially manageable for you and make a large impact on us and those we serve.

Want to learn more? Here are the top three reasons why our recurring donors choose to give each month as members of the Cluster CARE community.

  1. No more checks to write and no more reminders needed! Life just got a lot simpler and greener!
    PCRC makes it so easy! When you sign up for a monthly recurring donation online, you do not have to remember to send a check or when you sent your last donation. It is all automated. Saving time and resources of our organization and earth. Being a member of the Cluster CARE community is just plain convenient and environmentally friendly.
  2. PCRC can ALWAYS count on you because your donation will be there when we need it MOST!
    Your monthly recurring donation online will help reduce an imbalance and provide much needed support during our “difficult” periods. The nature of giving is seasonal so PCRC receives most of its income during a couple months throughout the year, but operating costs are generally spread out. As a result, we can wind up having insufficient cash on hand during the down months. Recurring consistent donations help us during this time.
  3. Your monthly recurring donation is more than financial support, it is a catalyst for better organizational planning and decision-making at PCRC.
    Your monthly recurring donation online will help us improve our budgeting, planning, and decision-making. Revenue from recurring donations is far more predictable than revenue from one-time gifts. When we know that we have recurring support, it is a lot easier to commit to expanding services or piloting a new program. As a member of the Cluster CARE community, your support will lead to a better overall organization.

As a member, of the Cluster CARE community you will enjoy:

  • The pleasure of contributing as a good steward of resources.
  • The ability to make hassle-free monthly donations.
  • Automatic secure donation payment from your credit card or checking account.
  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately.
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time.

As a THANK YOU, members of Cluster CARE community enjoy:

  • Insider access to a PCRC tour and meet and greet with our Executive Director and members of the PCRC Board.
  • Exclusive Cluster CARE community annual gathering.
  • Early registration and two discounted tickets to our annual event.
  • Preferred seating and special recognition at our annual event.

PCRC thanks its “Big Heart+” Supporters and its Community Partners!

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