COVID-19 Updates and Announcements

COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Updates (as of May 26, 2022 – current)

  • Montgomery County COVID-19 community level has been moved to high.
  • The public will not be allowed in the Outreach Center building and will need to ring the bell for any service.
  • Entrance to the building will be limited to the vestibule area only.


  • The food pantry is operating and offering remote online ordering, prepacked food box pickup, and a delivery services.  *On-site kiosk ordering is not available at this time.
  • If you are house-bound or have circumstances that preclude in-person pick-up, there may be delivery service available. Please e-mail or call 610-970-5995 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to see if this is possible in your area. This is a limited service and must be scheduled in advance.


  • We are working to stabilize vulnerable families and prevent homelessness by offering, Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance, eviction prevention and social service supports through our Pottstown Housing Resource Center (HRC). We are a member of the Emergency Rent and Utility Coalition-CV Program (ERUC-CV), which may provide some assistance to individuals and families who are at risk of eviction and/or homelessness as a direct result of COVID-19.


  • Safety signs are being used at our buildings to reduce the risk for exposure to COVID-19. Our signs are being used to reinforce safety messages and instructions to ensure our employees and community members are following COVID-19 prevention guidelines 
  • Renovating and making building modifications to ensure our buildings are safe and we are reducing the risk for exposure to COVID-19.
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