Bridges Out of Poverty

The Pottstown Cluster offers trainings for workforce professionals on the concept of Bridges out of Poverty, written by Dr. Ruby K. Payne. The training focuses on the “hidden rules” of living in economic poverty to forge a deeper understanding for and mutual respect among persons in the community, by uncovering the day-to-day challenges and the effects of living in poverty. Bridges is not a program, rather a framework to better understand and support the struggles of our neighbors.

People familiar with a more stable, middle-income economic lens struggle with understanding people living in poverty as the “economic rules” of each lens are not the same. To be unaware of the fundamental differences between classes can lead to an immediate roadblock in building significant relationships.

Bridges is a uniquely powerful tool designed for social, health, and legal services professionals, offering specific solutions that organizations can implement to:


  •          Redesign programs to better serve the people you work with
  •          Build skills for management to help guide employees
  •          Upgrade training for front-line staff like receptionists, caseworkers, and managers
  •          Improve treatment outcomes in healthcare and behavioral healthcare


To request a workshop for your organization, please contact:

Ryli Meyer, Community Engagement Specialist