UP3 Understanding Poverty To Plan and Persevere

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Ryli Meyer
Community Engagement Specialist

The Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities’ UP3 program, “Understanding Poverty to Plan and Persevere,” is an initiative that focuses on the curriculum from the book, Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World, by Philip E. DeVol — a workshop series that utilizes Bridges Out of Poverty framework concepts. The program allows for a “kitchen-table” discussion-style investigation into poverty, where participants living in poverty, as investigators, create mental models, explore their resources, and forge further stability through establishing partnerships and by bridging social capital within their community. The workshop convenes for 16 consecutive weeks for three hours each week, and is conducted by a trained facilitator. Many graduates of PCRC’s UP3 program have succeeded in reaching their individualized goals and plans, and have forged further stability in their lives.

Pictured above: Monica Dorian, (UP3 graduate), Evelyn Tyson (UP3 Graduate), Danielle Gadsden (UP3 Graduate), Leah Shollenberger (UP3 graduate), Jenn Brown (UP3 graduate), Ann Rodgers (UP3 Graduate), Steph Noble (Chaplain), Ryan Keiser (UP3 Facilitator), Ryli Meyer (UP3 Facilitator), Charlyne Campbell (UP3 graduate).

Pictured above: Denise Butler (UP3 grad), Zoe Wingard (UP3 grad), Randy Doaty (Pottstown Community Member), Bob Waller (UP3 grad), Linda Rogers (UP3 grad), Melik Bullock (UP3 grad), Frederick C. Foster (UP3 grad).