Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities Delegate Assembly


The Cluster Delegate Assembly is a meeting of the representatives and clergy of various religious and other organizations in the Pottstown Region.  It is a place where a meal is shared and relationships are formed with the staff of the Cluster Outreach Center, the delegates, and clergy.  The staff members of the Cluster Outreach Center report on the need for fundraising, volunteers, goods, and services, as well as current projects and uplifting experiences.  The delegates are then charged to pass this information to the communities they represent to motivate active participation in the work of the Cluster Outreach Center.

Redner Tapes

Redner Tapes may be brought to the Cluster Receptionist.  Please read the following directions.
*   The gas card must be used for us to receive credit for your tape.
*   Please give the whole receipt; please do not cut or tear any part of it.
*   The tape must be less than 3-years old.

Thank you!  The Pottstown Cluster receives 1% of the "save-a-tape" total on each receipt.  We have been averaging $150.00 per month.

Professional Pharmacy Tapes

Please bring Professional Pharmacy Tapes to the Cluster Receptionist. These tapes may include prescription charges. Thank you!  The Pottstown Cluster receives a percentage of each receipt total.

For more information about how your organization can participate in the Delegate Assembly of the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities please contact Pastor Rick Knarr at 610-582-5041 or email RickKnarr@gmail.com.

The Following are organizations that participate in the Delegate Assembly or otherwise contribute goods, services, or financial resources to the work of the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities.    


While we have tried to provide a comprehensive list of our religious groups, organizations or congregation members, we would like to acknowledge that if we have inadvertently missed a member, we apoligize for this oversight and welcome corrections. We are grateful for our member's support and do want to appropriately recognize you!