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Empower women
during Women's History Month!

Support and uplift women by providing food security and housing stability.

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Did you know in Montgomery County, PA, the largest demographic living in poverty are Females 25 - 34, followed by Females 18 - 24 and then Females 75+? Most of these women rely on local food pantries for food. Purchasing food for themselves and possibly children as the primary caregiver often competes with other basic needs such as rent, utilities, and medication.

Based out of Pottstown, the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities has a service reach throughout the greater Pottstown area. In 2023, we provided housing security services to 419 single women-led households. This means eviction, street homelessness, and shelter prevention for these women and their children. Access to these services also means permanent, safe, and affordable housing; the type of housing a woman trying to provide for herself and family needs and deserves.

Additionally, we provided food security for 2,365 females. This means 2,365 women and their children had access to a reliable and sufficient amount of nutritious food to prevent tough questions. Do I feed my children or pay my rent? Should I feed myself or purchase my medication?

The National Women’s History Month’s theme for 2024 celebrates “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” The theme recognizes women throughout the country who understand that, for a positive future, we need to eliminate bias and discrimination entirely from our lives and institutions.

The Pottstown Cluster embraces everyone and excludes no one in our common quest for freedom and opportunity. We are committed to inclusion an equity within our organization, community, and in our approaches to ending food insecurity and housing instability.

Text to Donate

Text “2024women” to 44-321

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