Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission

Through interfaith cooperation, the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities (PCRC) provides tangible services, support, and spiritual guidance to address the basic needs of persons within and beyond the Greater Pottstown area, coordinating our programs and referrals to help clients improve their overall stability.

Our Vision

  • Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities (PCRC) will be recognized as a leader in meeting individuals’ basic needs and transforming lives in the Greater Pottstown Community and beyond.
  • PCRC will be especially attractive to those motivated to make a positive change in their lives. It will create positive change, generating enthusiasm and hope for the staff, volunteers, and clients.
  • The Greater Pottstown Community will experience renewal as those previously helped by the PCRC achieve self-sufficiency and reach out to help others.
  • PCRC will establish and strengthen relationships with worship centers and other community organizations to provide a reliable referral network for those individuals we serve.
  • Current and aspiring community leaders will seek membership in our Board; local, regional, and national organizations will approach us with opportunities to partner; foundations and philanthropists will approach us about how to best invest their dollars for the benefit of others.
  • PCRC will share its best methods and practices with other organizations across the country

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Our Values of Excellence


  • We earn the trust of our staff, clients, volunteers, member congregations, and the community by adopting and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that promote integrity.
  • We measure progress and document results.


  • We treat every person with dignity in all circumstances.
  • We encourage positive change.
  • We make loving and thoughtful decisions, especially when they impact the lives of others.


  • We do the work of PCRC as a response to God’s call to love one another and to put our faith into action.
  • We are true to our interfaith heritage by providing resources for spiritual development.
  • We collaborate as people of faith, focusing on shared goals and productive outcomes.
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