Fall Appeal 2019

Meet some inspiring neighbors…

…who, together with your generosity and their grit and determination, have greatly improved their stability and situations. Because of your support of the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Community’s (PCRC) programs, you are helping to change lives for the better in the Pottstown community and beyond. Thank you!

Justina G.

Two years ago, Justina G. — a now head of household mother of two — was in a really rough spot: forced to move with her children from house to house to shelter, jobless, and a victim of toxic domestic abuse. After calling Your Way Home, a partnership program of PCRC, she was introduced to Jessica Scholl and Leah Shollenberger, PCRC Housing Stability Coach and Caseworker respectively. “They are phenomenal,” Justina remembers. “Jess helped me with everything: showed me how to utilize available resources, pushed me to find housing … She was and is someone I can depend on and she loved my kids and always would check up on me. She literally saved my life.” With Jessica’s urging and guidance, Justina went on to enroll in Montgomery County’s Employment Advancement and Retention Network (EARN) program that provides job-search assistance and support to its participants. She soon secured a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and now her family is in a much better area and atmosphere.

Recently, Justina was recognized as a  success story at the Montgomery County Commissioners office’s Building Bridges: Workforce Partnerships in Action event. The recognition, she says, “Made me feel really loved and to not give up on myself.” PCRC’s Jessica Scholl “Stood up with me when I was acknowledged along with others who helped me get through and back on track. I am very grateful.”

Zoe W. came to know PCRC through her mother. She comes from a family who struggles financially. When her mother brought her to PCRC one day to pick up groceries, Zoe’s reaction was one of gratitude, and she couldn’t believe how ”super nice and really helpful” everyone was. “The volunteers were amazing!” Now that Zoe lives on her own with her young son, she comes to PCRC to make ends meet for food and help navigating resources, “Just months that are needed. Every once in a while, here and there.”

Zoe aspires to become a social worker. While visiting PCRC one day, Zoe was approached by Ryli Meyer, PCRC’s Community Engagement Specialist, asking if she would like to participate in PCRC’s educational program, UP3. Ryli thought Zoe would be a good candidate. Zoe applied and attended the class, and eventually became a co-facilitator because of her compassion, interest, and abilities. From working with Ryli, Zoe concluded she wanted to help others as well. She thought going to college was not an option. “Ryli changed my mind about that and gave me hope,” Zoe says. And “Ryli and PCRC, through helping me find grants, etc., is making it and other goals seem achievable!” Zoe wanted to stress the wonderful PCRC volunteers who work so very hard. She says, ”You never walk in and see an unhappy face, and you always feel like you’re at home!”

Ryli and Zoe
Nourishing Lives Strengthening Families

PCRC thanks its “Big Heart+” Supporters and its Community Partners!

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