Monthly Archives: February 2021

On Friday, February 26, 2021,  the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities celebrated Victoria Bumstead’s retirement from the Pottstown Cluster. Vicki has been a Pottstown Cluster employee since October 2010. She served initially as the Clothes Closet and Volunteer Coordinator and eventually took over the role of Outreach Center Director, managing the Food Services Programs. Under her leadership, the food service programs have grown and the Pottstown Cluster’s presence as a collaborative food provider in the region has been increasingly known. During her tenure, the Pottstown Cluster became the first ReDistribution Organization in Montgomery County; she converted the pantry’s database to SmartChoice, resulting in establishing an online inventory system for food services and an online ordering system for client food access; and has developed a food delivery system, offering better service to those requiring food assistance. Her commitment to the Pottstown Cluster and the food system in the region has been tremendous and will be greatly missed. All of us at the Pottstown Cluster are excited for her retirement and the next chapter of her story. 
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