Leadership Tri-County

Leadership Tri-County, an organization that works to prepare community members for leadership positions in the tricounty area, has selected the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities as a nonprofit participant. Leadership Tri-County is a division of the Tricounty Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The two organizations will work with emerging leaders on human resources related projects for one month.  

The Leadership class will be comprised of ten to fifteen individuals who have been selected for their potential to expand their involvement in the development of the tricounty area. Each member has demonstrated a commitment to leadership in both their community and place of employment. Program participants can expect to grow as a leader in the community, develop personal and professional leadership skills, create long-lasting connections and friendships, gain knowledge of tricounty community assets and programs, and expand their network.

Since its inception in 1993, Leadership Tri-County has prepared more than 200 community members for leadership positions in the tricounty area.

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